Download the Executive Summary of the Illusion of Choice

Author: Principal Investigator, Dr. Brittany Lewis, Senior Research Associate

Contributing Authors: Molly Calhoun, Cynthia Matthias, Kya Conception, Thalya Reyes,

Carolyn Szczepanski, Gabriela Norton, Eleanor Noble, and Giselle Tisdale 

Artist-in-Residence: Nikki McComb, Art Is My Weapon


Single Black mothers face the highest risk of eviction in the United States. Matthew Desmond’s 2016 book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City brought this national crisis from the margins to the center of public discourse. In Hennepin County (Minneapolis, MN), close to 50% of all eviction filings take place in two zip codes in North Minneapolis (Minneapolis Innovation Team, 2016), despite the fact that they contain just 8% of all rental units in the city. North Minneapolis is a community manufactured to contain undesirable populations through housing discrimination, decades of urban disinvestment, unfair lending practices, and disproportionate evictions; the situation has become further exacerbated by the rise in distressed-property investment. Single Black women with children living below the poverty line lead more than 60% of the Black households in North Minneapolis. As a result, 67% of residents are on some kind of county and federal government assistance, living one financial crisis away from losing their homes (Hartman and Robinson, 2003).

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Download the Executive Summary of the Illusion of Choice

CURA Evictions Project Report Release Event & Art Exhibit Opening

"The Illusion of Choice: Evictions and Profit in North Minneapolis"
CURA Evictions Project Report Release Event and The Moving Walls of Minneapolis Art Exhibit Opening

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